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One More Day.

24 hours.

1440 minutes.

86400 seconds.

Inspired by this Disney ad, I am surprisingly stoked for this Leap Day tomorrow.  For those of you who weren’t aware, February 29th only happens once every four years and this happens to be the year we have 366 days instead of 365.  So imagine what you could do with a WHOLE EXTRA DAY.  Like we always say, “if only there were more hours in the day.”  Well this year, you get 24 more hours!  Unfortunately this Leap Day falls on a Wednesday and that doesn’t stop the working world, but I challenge you to make the best out of this extra day.

Most of us can’t really take the entire day to do those “extra things”, so think small:

  • Write a Thank You letter to someone – and send it via snail mail
  • Get a workout in today – it’s hard to get there, but I guarantee you’ll feel better afterwards
  • Wear a cute outfit to work today, or just that new blazer you’ve been meaning to wear
  • Have a coffee date with a friend you haven’t seen, or that new person you want to get to know better

As I was looking up some info on Leap Days, I came across a list of Leap Year freebies from the Washington Post.  Keep in mind that that list is for the DC area, so just double check local stores to see if they’re also participating.

And now for your own El Paso Leap Day special…  
Put in your order today and you will receive 20% off!   

You can put in your order for as far in advance as next month and the Leap Day special will still apply – but you must ORDER by today!  Orders received at 12:01 am on March 1st won’t be granted this special.

So have a wonderful Leap Day, my sweet friends, and enjoy your extra 24 hours!


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