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Easter Bites!

Well well well my sweet friends, it’s been a while but it’s been a busy few weeks!  I don’t know how I’ve failed to share all the exciting things that have been going on with yours truly.

Let’s start with the biggest and most exciting piece of news… this month was Easter!
Which means…..

Bites turned One Year old this month!!!

I made my very first batch of cake pops last year on Easter, so I thought it only be fitting to make the classic Easter eggs and chicks again.

First Year Cake Pops:

This Year’s Cake Pops:

Do you see the difference?!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make as many Easter treats as I wanted – I was in New York City doing some cupcake “research,” which I will gladly share another time 🙂

So once again, thanks to all my wonderful friends who still haven’t had enough sugar yet!



Happy Valentine’s Day

Wishing you a very Happy Valentine’s Day on this February 14th!

Whether you’re spending time with your sweetie, family, friends, or a bottle of wine – I leave you with a few photos of my Love Day orders.

I’ve got one last cake pop assortment for sale – Red Velvet $20
Contact me via email or Facebook 🙂

With Love & Cupcakes for all,

Shower Me with Cupcakes!

I conquered another cupcake challenge this weekend: individual/personalized cupcakes for a bridal shower.

Of course this wasn’t just ANY bridal shower, my best friend will be getting married in March and I was so honored to help out for her shower!  I was so excited that she wanted to have my cupcakes in lieu of a traditional cake, and happy to know that these would also serve as the favors for all the guests.

A few days before the shower, we got together to prep these cute single-cupcake boxes that were decorated with her wedding color.

After having all 100 boxes decorated and ready to go, it was time to start the baking!  I always make sure I have all my ingredients out before I start, that saves me the trouble of having to go buy eggs at the last minute – because that’s happened to me on more than one occasion! So I started with the red velvets, and my favorite Pandora station on my Mac 🙂

And why not give your eggs some character?!

I also decided to finish off my last bottle of white wine – so I have an excuse to buy more 😉

While my Red Velvets (which are also the Bride’s favorite) were in the oven, I got to piping the Bride & Groom’s initials that would go on every single cupcake.

Hello lover!

I also made the Groom’s favorite cupcake – Strawberry Jam!
I will admit that I was a little afraid that the cupcake wouldn’t fit in the box just right, or that the initials wouldn’t be the right size once in the box.  But I tried my first one out, and they were a perfect fit – just like the Bride & Groom ❤  So voila! I had my first box, and was eager to see how they would all look once I finished all 100.

Not too shabby if I do say so myself!

As one of the bridesmaids, another duty was to decorate the tables for the shower.  So with the help of Pinterest and 2 of my fellow bridesmaids, beautiful centerpieces were made!  Each table was decorated with two tall glasses filled with coffee beans & a white tea light, then some fresh carnations in the center.

And each seat had their own cupcake 🙂

Another beautiful idea we came up with was the “Advice table” for the bride.  Each guest would  jot down some advice for the bride on love, married life, or just something encouraging to make her laugh.  The table was decorated with two gorgeous flower arrangements from my favorite local florist, pictures from the couple’s engagement session and purple rose petals.

To me, this was such a special event to have been a part of because the Bride & Groom (and their handsome son) have such a special place in my heart.  After months of planning, I can’t wait to see how the wedding comes together!


This Just In!

Happy Thursday, cupcake lovers!

I hope your 2012 has been great so far 🙂
I received some exciting packages in the mail yesterday and I thought I’d share my excitement with all of you. 

Drum roll please………….

(Note: Those are not Bites cupcakes in the box)

Yes, that is correct – pink cupcake boxes!

From now on when you receive your cupcake order, you will not only receive 1 dozen delicious cupcakes, but you will ALSO get this cute pink box to keep your precious cargo safe & secure.
I am also giving a $2 discount if you bring the box back for any orders after that.  So if you plan to keep “refilling” your cupcake supply, save that box!



Halloween and Cake Pops

I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty excited with my new Halloween cake pop characters! I’ve been slowly working on them, and tonight I decided to do a trial run and crank ’em all out.


Midnight – not your average spooky-looking bat.  He could probably use some fangs if you want to get a little scary.

Eye See You! – Green eyes seem to look the best, but if you want to request a different eye color feel free to let me know!

The Mummy – color of eyes can also be changed here.  If you’re looking for a more creepy mummy, I would suggest red eyes.

Creepy Crawlers – EVERYONE (even spiders) love cake pops! 

Classic Jack-o-Lantern – what’s Halloween without a pumpkin?!

Frankenstein – also not your average scary looking Frank.  Mine are much more friendly and sometimes dorky 😉

And all 6 of these Halloween characters can be found in my cake pop Halloween Dozen! You’ll get 2 of each character (unless you have favorites), all bundled together in a Pumpkin or Ghost bucket which is great for candy – after you’ve eaten all your cake pops 🙂

I’ll be taking orders for this item up until the middle of the week, so place your orders now!

You can email me at or message me on my Facebook (by clicking the icon at the top of my page)

Man, I love the holidays… 🙂


BITE-Size Pizzas

Trying to get into the “blogging” spirit and lifestyle, I’ve found myself CONSTANTLY online looking for new cute blogs to follow and get inspiration from.  One post that caught my eye [obviously] had to do with cupcake pans.  I’m sure this idea has been out for quite some time and I’m a little late to discover it, but… cooking in cupcake pans?! GENIUS.

I know I’m all about putting cupcake batter in there, but I thought it was such a cute idea and I couldn’t wait to share my excitement.  The blog is called Cupcake Bettie on Blogspot and she focuses on things that are easy to make and more importantly, things that can be saved for later.  And while it’s always difficult to cook for one, these little treats are the perfect size!

Crescent rolls
Pasta Sauce – homemade or from the jar
Ricotta cheese
Parmesan Cheese
Pepper (to taste)
Non Stick Spray

Preheat oven to 350 degrees & spray your cupcake pan with Non Stick Spray.  Unroll the cresent rolls and cut them lengthwise to make 4 long strips.  Start with a layer of pasta sauce, then a layer of ricotta cheese (these two will mix together as you spread).
I added some more pasta sauce and a generous layer of Parmesan cheese, topped with pepper.
(I’m thinking it wouldn’t hurt to add a few more spices of your choice – maybe some crushed red pepper to give it a kick)
Then all  you do is roll up the little strips (this got pretty messy for me) and place them into the cupcake pan.
Bake for about 25-30 minutes and VOILA! You’ve got yourself a cute little pizza for one.
(Mine weren’t as pretty as the original..)

 …but they sure did taste DELICIOUS!

And yes, I’ll admit this probably isn’t the healthiest of dinner choices (and it doesn’t help that I had two) – but it certainly hit the spot tonight.

Cooking for one just got a little more fun..