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Meet the Baker

My name is Gabbi and I decided to create Bites Cupcakes & Cake Pops shortly after my 22nd birthday.  It’s safe to say that flour and sugar run in my blood – getting that from my mother, of course.  I’ve been baking ever since before I was even allowed to use an oven!  Having never been to pastry school, I am always looking to try new flavors or designs – that’s the only way to learn, and who doesn’t like to eat the “mistakes?!”

I am a recent COLLEGE GRADUATE (I love to say that!) from UTEP and most of my time is spent working at the office, spending time with my family & friends, and trying to figure out my next chapter in life.  I would love to open my own cupcake shop one day, where people can sit comfortably with a cupcake and delicious coffee or a glass of milk.  Until then, I use my home kitchen as my bakery and thank God that I have great supporters and loyal customers.

All of the flavors that I’ve listed on this blog are ones that I have already tried, but I am open to new ideas and always looking to create new things.


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